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Justin from the Generation Why Podcast collects personal stories from listeners about topics most consider taboo or shameful.  Every episode will have a new topic or theme. Everything is game and nothing is taboo. 

Nov 17, 2018

Today I'm joined by the Captain from True Crime Garage. The Captain's personality is very mellow and easy going which makes his story so surprising. He talks about one of the worst years of his life where he sought treatment for depression. What happens next is a downward spiral of failures, setbacks and terrible decisions. Nobody is immune to depression and mental illness and sometimes the people who are supposed to help us might make things worse. That said, if you are experiencing depression or issues, please seek help. This episode is not attempting to dissuade anyone from treatment. Everyone's story is different. Prescriptions, when prescribed correctly, should have a predictable intended effect. Yet any drug can have adverse effects on any individual. It's not an easy balance to achieve but we should never stop trying.