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Justin from the Generation Why Podcast collects personal stories from listeners about topics most consider taboo or shameful.  Every episode will have a new topic or theme. Everything is game and nothing is taboo. 

Jan 27, 2017

We all have done stupid stuff in our lives. I asked for stories about getting arrested and I got them! I received so many I only responded to the first 3. 

Brian, Jamie and Colin share stories ranging from a DUI, driving 156 mph on the highway, to vandalism. All of their stories have twists and turns that kept me...

Jan 18, 2017

It's hard to wrap your head around the untold number of unreported rapes that happen. It also might be hard for some to understand why we don't report when we've been assaulted or raped.

In this episode I speak with two guests who talk about the aftermath of reporting their attacks. The results should shed light on why...