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Justin from the Generation Why Podcast collects personal stories from listeners about topics most consider taboo or shameful.  Every episode will have a new topic or theme. Everything is game and nothing is taboo. 

Oct 31, 2016

I'm turning 40 so this week I'd like to give the listeners what they want. Apparently "my story" is in high demand.  I talk about all the times I was arrested, my drug use and give personal details about my teen years.  I'll take you through some of the events that have molded my views and perceptions on life. I hope...

Oct 31, 2016

Inspired by Art Bell's Ghost to Ghost I bring you 3 terrifying listener stories that will leave you questioning everything you believe. 

Danielle kicks us off with a story about a little boy who is upset that his photos have been taken down. 

Lindsay gets a visit from an old co-worker who doesn't realize her shift has...

Oct 18, 2016

Where do we really go when we sleep? 

What, really, are our dreams? 

Do you dread falling asleep at night? Maybe you know something is waiting for you once your consciousness slips into that darker astral plane. Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleeping disorders and that number is in the billions worldwide. Sleep...